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About us
Our corporate headquarters with cutting-edge production halls and office buildings are located in Krailling, not far from Munich. Here, on a site that spans around 10,000 square meters, our approximately 70 employees design and manufacture state-of-the-art electroplating units for gravure form production and develop highly efficient process technologies and customized solutions for system integration that are tailored precisely to our customers’ requirements.

Our comprehensive portfolio is rounded off by high-performance measuring technology that provides highly accurate and reliable results.

With our spirit of innovation and the resulting state-of-the-art products, we are the competence center for automation, electroplating, and process development in the Heliograph Group.

Our mission
Since our company was founded in 1906, the customer has been at the heart of things. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This principle is underscored by pioneering product development combined with customer-specific requirements.

The growing automation in form manufacture and its links with various departments are making processes increasingly complex. Our company is committed to making these processes easy and extremely efficient for our customers while also focusing on our role as a reliable, expert partner.

Firmenzentrale in Krailling bei München

K.Walter’s headquarter in Krailling near Munich

Our history


1906 Foundation by Kaspar Walter. This was the begin of a family-owned and -operated company for gravure cylinder making. Milestones in the company’s history include development of full immersion equipment or synchronously turning, grinding and polishing machines.

1978 K.Walter sets decisive market standards with the first automatic line. To this day, we remain a pioneer in this area with our modern system integration.

2000 The starting signal for our partnership with Johannes Bauer Logistik-Systeme GmbH & Co.KG in Hohenlockstedt – a specialist for transport and storage systems.

2001 Relocation of headquarters to Krailling (greater Munich area) for logistical reasons. Move into a newly constructed building the following year.

2002 K.Walter begins close cooperation with the renowned HELL Gravure Systems GmbH & Co.KGin Kiel – for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

2009 Peter Daetwyler (MDC Max Daetwyler Gruppe) and Max Rid (HELL Gravure Systems, K. Walter, Bauer Logistik) merge the areas of Development, Manufacturing, Sales, After Sales and Service and found the Heliograph Holding GmbH. This holding includes the new Daetwyler Graphics company as well as HELL Gravure Systems, K.Walter, Bauer Logistik, Schepers, Ohio Gravure Technologies (Daetwyler R&D Dayton) and their worldwide subsidiaries.
Today and tomorrow

Today and tomorrow, Our innovations in equipment and automation technology as well as our cooperation with all companies in the Heliograph Holding make us your competent partner for gravure cylinder making equipment.
KWalter's erstes eigenes Firmengebäude im Jahre 1919 in der Plinganserstrasse in München.

In 1919, K.Walter established its first company building on Plinganser Street in Munich

Ab 1972 befand sich der Sitz des Unternehmens in der Aidenbachstrasse in München

The company headquarters moved to Munich’s Aidenbach Street in 1972

Seit dem Jahre 2002 präsentiert sich das Unternehmen im neuen, modernen Firmen- und Produktionsgebäude in Krailling bei München

Since 2002, the enterprise has been located in a modern new company and production facility in Krailling, a small township in the greater Munich area

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