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Perfect for automated lines

Chrome Tank, Copper Tank, Degreasing Tank, Nickel Tank, Dechroming Tank, Alkaline Copper Tank

Suitable for cylinders with

Total length max:
(depending on cylinder)

2350 / 2100 mm

Face length max:

1600 mm

Circumference max:

1000 mm

Available for different cylinder sizes

Main features:

  1. Requires less space due to possible installation of “back to back” (see picture)
  2. Single unit or to be integrated into automated lines
  3. Increase of capacity due to an immersion up to 100% depending on cylinder circumference and process
  4. Fully variable, no adapters
  5. Patented current transfer and clamping system with cones
  6. Separated clamping and sealing system, simple, robust and less maintenance
  7. Made of stainless steel, titanium, polypropylene: “All Stainless”
  8. Copper tank: copper anode always flooded – no oxidation, results to high surface quality
  9. Chrome tank: completely made of titanium welding construction
  10. Can be combined with CuMax Generator
  11. For hollow and/or shaft cylinders


A detailed brochure is available to download as a PDF document: SLIMLINE Factsheet

Two SlimLine positioned “back to back”

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