Line Control

Line control provides the optimal method for visualizing and tracking your cylinder production in a K.Walter automatic line

The following components are available:


A basic automation package consisting of:

  1. Master Controller
  2. Process Controller


Interface options:

  1. Gravure Interface Standard
  2. Twain Interface
  3. Storage Interface
  4. Interface for K.Walter central chemical supply


Further options:

  1. Backup (raid system)
  2. Alarm Messenger
  3. Upgrades
  4. Additional View Stations


Line control communication is Ethernet-based. Remote maintenance possible via Internet.

The basic automation package consists of a PLC (master controller) and a computer (process controller). In this setup, the computer is used only to enter production data and view the production work flow. The cylinder data administration as well as job assignment is carried out by the PLC.


Master Controller:

PLC-based control system for lines, transport devices and machine control. Cyclical retrieval of the current status of the respective device and transfer of action-controlled process parameters.


Process Controller:

PC-based visualization system consisting of a standard PC with current visualization software. Data entry station for job, cylinder and process data. Directly linked to the master controller.

We offer various interface options for connecting or integrating equipment such as engravers, cylinder storage / inline racks or a central chemical supply to an automatic K.Walter galvanic line.

Gravure Interface Standard:
Interface for integrating HELL or Daetwyler engraving equipment.

Twain Interface:
Special interface for integrating a HELL “Twain” engraver.

Storage Interface:
Interface for linking a Bauer Logistik cylinder storage- or inline rack.

Central chemical supply interface:
Interface for linking the central chemical control (K.Walter).

These interface solutions enable the master controller to control the integrated or linked equipment.

Further interface options are available upon request.

Back-up (raid system):
Can be installed for additional data security of the automation system if desired.

Alarm Messenger:
This option enables error messages from the line to be sent by the master controller directly to your cell phone via SMS or e-mail.

Additional equipment made by HELL, Daetwyler, K.Walter or Bauer can be integrated into an existing K.Walter automatic line. We are happy to offer the corresponding automation upgrades.

Additional View Stations:
One PC plus monitor is included in the basic automation package. If you have larger lines, however, it is often advantageous when operators are not restricted to entering data at only one station, but can enter data at a number of entry stations distributed over the line. If this is the case, additional so-called “view stations” can be ordered.