K.Walter’s electroplating systems and process technology are precisely adapted to the requirements of the customer’s on-site gravure form manufacturing needs.
A consistent, customer-oriented focus is central to us. We offer individual maintenance programs plus tailor-made courses and training designed to eliminate problems in advance. And if something does not work out as initially planned, we efficiently and competently find the right solution.

Contact our Customer Service and Process Engineering departments quickly and directly at:


Tel.: +49 89 78596-0

Fax: +49 89 78596-111


Customer service:

We provide individual advice and are your one-stop shop for consumables, spare parts, course-scheduling and timing of equipment maintenance.


Process engineering:

We support you in regard to any questions you may have about processes and products, offer technical process-support, courses and training, and come to your site should you need assistance.

Michael Fuerholzer

Vice President Customer Service


Processses & Galvanics

Phone +49 89 78596-167

Technical Support

Robert Fasan

Service Technician Coordinator

Phone +49 89 78596-222

Spare parts and consumables

Nathalie Sarembe


Phone +49 89 78596-223

Tom Dittmann

Service Technician Coordinator

Phone +49 89 78596-146

Maggy Haentsch

Middle East/Asia

Phone +49 89 78596-163

Ingolf Trantzschel


Phone +49 89 78596-214

Daniela Ambrosius


Phone +49 89 78596-224

Ernst Bielmeier


Phone +49 89 78596-139

Ana Kologranic

Central & South America

Phone +49 89 78596-279