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HelioGreen Process

HelioGreen Process is the umbrella brand for our threefold strategy consisting of the ChromeXtend®, HelioChrome®NEO, and HelioPearl® initiatives. We will use HelioGreen Process to make gravure form manufacture more environmentally friendly and a more secure investment.

Securing a transition time by gaining authorization for chrome(VI).
– our application for authorization from the European Commission – is geared to the special requirements  of the gravure and embossing industry. The aim is to enable continued use of chrome(VI) until December 2032 in line with  the highest possible safety standards. The authorization from the European Commission is expected shortly. As a consequence, our industry will have time to transition to sustainable alternative technologies.

Alternative electroplating approach based on a chrome(III) electrolyte
– the alternative electroplating method based on chrome(III) – is intended as a substitute for chrome(VI)-based chrome plating processes. This futureproof method is sustainable, benefits from low toxicity and is not subject to any regulations. It can be seamlessly integrated into the existing gravure form manufacturing process and is now qualified and in production use.

Polymeric imaging layer
– the alternative polymer-based approach – consists of a revolutionary wear-resistant monolayer. This single layer system replaces the conventional structure of copper and chromium layers. HelioPearl® is imaged directly using new high-resolution laser technology. The entire form manufacturing process comprises just three process steps.

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