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Chrome Tank, Copper Tank, Degreasing Tank, Nickel Tank, Dechroming Tank, Alkaline Copper Tank

Suitable for cylinders with

Total length max:

Face length max:

Circumference max:

2100 mm

1600 mm

1000 mm

Available for different cylinder sizes

Main features:

  1. Requires less space due to possible installation of “back to back”
  2. Up to 60%  immersion depending on cylinder circumference and type of machine
  3. Cylinder clamping with adapters
  4. Simple, robust and less maintenance
  5. Copper tank: copper anode always flooded – no oxidation, results to high surface quality
  6. Chrome and copper tank: anodes vertically adjustable – ideal distance towards cylinder surface
  7. Program processing automated
  8. Can be combined with CuMax Generator
  9. For hollow and/or shaft cylinders


A detailed brochure is available to download as a PDF document: EconoLine Factsheet

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